Retromotion Innovations

Sidewinder Hose

Cut out the bend you need to eliminate kinks and clean up your fuel system - or replace a hard-to-find factory part.

Our hoses are formed to the unique Sidewinder design on mandrel tooling during the vulcanization process. This way, they maintain their shape and retain critical performance properties.

Each hose features a 45, 90, 135, and 180 degree bend.

Customer Feedback

Only way I can make the connection to a tight fitting fuel valve without kinking. High quality hose and quick shipping. Thanks

Jon E

These are perfect!!! Used the two on two different vehicle PCV lines already. Expect to buy more in the future. Thank you very much!!!

Robert F

Used this for vacuum / pvc tubing for my engine to replace old lines onto a 351c V8 and aftermarket covers. The right bends and assortment made this perfect for my repairs

For perfect on my fuel cell