Studebaker V8 Intake Gasket Composite
1951-1964 Studebaker V8 Composite Intake Manifold Gasket Set
1951-1964 Studebaker V8 Composite Intake Manifold Gasket Set
RetroMotion Innovations

1951-1964 Studebaker V8 Composite Intake Manifold Gasket Set

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We now make composite intake manifold gaskets for the Studebaker V8!

This gasket set was engineered and developed in-house at RetroMotion Innovations using 3D CAD software. These are high-quality composite gaskets, designed to replace the problematic metal gaskets commonly available on the market. This is a Kevlar reinforced graphite material with NBR binder.  It has a stainless steel core for rigidity and is rated to 1400° F.  

These are Made in the USA on our tooling!

Part # RMI-14001
Interchange: Fel-Pro MS 9001 SH-1



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1959    3E12, 3E13, 3E7, 4E12, 4E12D, 4E13, 4E2, 4E2D, 4E7, 4E7D
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