1966 Oldsmobile VIN Decoding, Models, & Options

1966 Oldsmoblie VIN Model Decoding Chart Diagram


  1966 Oldsmobile Models  
Year & Series Body Style Oldsmobile Car Code Fisher Body Style Code  
1966 "F85" Six Club Coupe 3307 66-33307  
Station Wagon 3335 66-33335  
4 Door Sedan 3369 66-33369  
1966 "F85"
Deluxe Six
Holiday Coupe 3517 66-33517  
Station Wagon 3535 66-33535  
Holiday Sedan 3539 66-33539  
4 Door Sedan 3569 66-33635  
1966 "F85" Cutlass V8 Club Coupe * 3407 66-33407  
V8 Station Wagon 3435 66-33435  
V8 4 Door Sedan 3469 66-33469  
1966 "F85" Cutlass Deluxe V8 V8 Holiday Coupe * 3617 66-33617  
V8 Station Wagon 3635 66-33635  
V8 Holiday Sedan 3639 66-33639  
V8 4 Door Sedan 3669 66-33669  
1966 Cutlass Sports Coupe * 3807 66-33807  
Holiday Coupe * 3817 66-33817  
Supreme 3839 66-33839  
Convertible * 3867 66-33867  
Celebrity Sedan 3869 66-33869  
1966 Vista Cruiser 2 Seat Standard 3455 66-33455  
3 Seat Standard 3465 66-33465  
2 Seat Custom 3855 66-33855  
3 Seat Custom 3865 66-33865  
1966 Jetstar "88" Holiday Coupe 5237 66-35237  
Holiday Sedan 5239 66-35239  
Celebrity Sedan 5269 66-35269  
1966 Dynamic "88" Holiday Coupe 5637 66-35637  
Holiday Sedan 5639 66-35639  
Convertible 5667 66-35667  
Celebrity Sedan 5669 66-35669  
1966 Delta "88" Holiday Coupe 5837 66-35837  
Holiday Sedan 5839 66-35839  
Convertible 5867 66-35867  
Celebrity Sedan 5869 66-35869  
1966 Starfire Coupe 5457 66-35457  
1966 "98" Holiday Coupe 8437 66-38437  
Holiday Sedan 8439 66-38439  
Convertible 8467 66-38467  
Town Sedan 8469 66-38469  
Luxury Sedan 8669 66-38669  
1966 Toronado Standard 9487 66-39487  
Deluxe 9687 66-39687  
* Available with 4-4-2 option  
1966 Oldsmobile Options      
Option # Description      
A01 Tinted Windows      
A02 Tinted W/ Shield      
A31 Pwr. Side Windows      
A32 Pwr. Vent Windows      
A33 Pwr. Tailgate Window      
A39 Dlx. Seat Belts - Front & Rear      
A41 4 Way Pwr. Seat      
A42 6 Way Pwr. Seat      
A46 4 Way Pwr. L.H. Seat      
A52 Bench Front Seat      
A53 Strato Bench Front Seat      
A65 Custom Sport Front Seat      
A66 Foam Padded Div. 2nd Seat      
A69 Reclin. Strato Bench Seat Backrest      
A70 Reclin. Strato Bucket Seat Backrest      
A74 HD Front & Rear Seat      
A75 HD Front Seat (SW)      
A81 Dual Headrests Srato Seat      
A82 Dual Headrests      
A91 Power Trunk Lid Latch      
A93 Power Door Locks      
B30 Flr. Carpet      
B32 Aux. Front Flr. Mats      
B33 Aux. Rear Flr. Mats      
B34 Flr. Cover Vinyl HD Front      
B35 Flr. Cover Vinyl HD Rear      
B36 HD Trunk Mat      
B39 Carpeted Load Flr.      
B50 Foam Padded Front Seat      
B52 Foam Padded Rear Seat      
B80 Chrome Roof Drip Molding      
B85 Chrome Window Sill Molding      
B90 Chrome Window Frame Molding      
B93 Door Edge Guards      
C08 Vinyl Roof Top      
C48 Heater & Defroster Delete      
C50 Rear Window Defrost      
C60 Air Conditioning - Manual      
C61 Air Conditioning - Auto      
D31 Rearview Mirror, Glareproof      
D33 Remote Control Outside Mirror      
D55 Sports Console      
D99 Two Tone Finish      
F35 HD Frame      
G51 HD Rear Springs      
G66 Superlift Shock Absorbers – Rear      
G67 Auto Level Control      
G80 Anti-Spin Axle      
J50 Power Brakes      
K30 Cruise Control      
L65 Jetfire 330 V8 2 Bbl. (Lo-Comp.)      
L69 4-4-2 Performance Package Tri-Carb      
L73 Cutlass - 330 V8 2 Bbl. (Lo-Comp)      
L74 Super 425 V8 4 Bbl. (Hi-Comp.)      
L75 Starfire 425 V8 4 Bbl. (Hi-Comp.)      
L78 4-4-2 Performance Package Quad. Jet      
M01 HD Clutch      
M14 Manual 3 Speed H.D. Floor Shift      
M20 Manual 4 Speed Floor Shift      
M21 Manual 4 Speed Special Ratio      
M31 JT Trans      
M32 JT Trans Spec Duty      
M33 JT Trans Variable Vane      
M34 JT Trans HD      
M40 TH400 Trans      
M41 TH400 Trans HD      
N10 Dual Exhaust System      
N30 Dlx. Steering Wheel      
N33 Tilt Away Steering Column      
N37 T&T Steering Column      
N38 HD Manual Steering      
N40 Power Steering      
N95 Simulated Wire Wheels 14"      
N98 Wheel & Tire Trim Rings      
P01 Wheel Discs 14"      
P02 Wheel Discs - Dlx. 14"      
P05 Super Stock Wheels 14"      
P06 Chrome Wheel Rings 15"      
P19 Tire Lock Spare      
P26 W/W Tires      
P27 Tires and 15" Wheels - W/W 15"      
P28 Tires and 15" Wheels - W/W 15"      
P29 Tires O.S. - B/W      
P30 Tires O.S. - W/W      
Q14 Tires HS - W/W w/C60-61      
T15 Tires HS - W/W N/A w/C60-61      
T17 Tires HS - W/W w/C60-61      
T87 Cornering Lamps      
U15 Safety Sentinel      
U16 Engine Tachometer      
U29 Inst. Panel Crtsy and Map Light      
U35 Electric Clock      
U40 Park Brake Lamp      
U59 AM-FM Radio Signal Seeker      
U63 Dlx. Radio      
U65 Spr. Dlx. Signal Seaker Radio      
U69 AM-FM Radio      
U71 Power Radio Antenna (Toro)      
U75 Power Antenna      
U80 Radio Speaker Rear      
U84 Radio Speaker Rear Inc. U80      
U89 Trailer Elec. Wrg. Harness      
V55 Luggage Carrier      
V56 Luggage Locker - Underfloor      
Y60 Conv. Lamps and Mirror Grp.      
Y67 Dlx. Interior Equipment      
Y68 Dlx. Crhome Exterior Molding      
Y76 HD Engine Cooling Equipment      
Y77 Dlx. Trunk Equipment      


  • Jeremy Johnson

    Howdy: I am a 72 year old man whose eyes are falling out researching an 1966 OLDSMOBILE Coupe claiming to be a 442. The VIN # 338176M276936.
    Could you help this old guy out so I might make a decision to buy or not?
    It appears to be a holiday coupe (it does not have a vinyl top and the paint job is light gray, newish). It does have the 442 solid tail lights, the side front fender vents are there, 442 badge on the dash as well as on the rear and front body. Am I missing something? Oh, the engine looks to be gold in color (looks like new paint) and its a tri-power with a four speed on the floor. Thank you for listening. Jere,y

  • Jon arkfeld

    I just bought an oldsmobile and the vin is 338676m217077. It is in need of a rebuild and I dont know what the options are for this car. I would like to put it back to stock if possible. I do know it is a 442 with a 4spd but the transmission is missing as well as one head and the intake. How do I know if it is the l69 or the l78. and is it the m20 or m21 transmission. Everything else is intact.
    If you could explain the cowl tag it starts with
    12E H
    ST 66-33867 LAN 3301 BODY
    TR 987-S M-1 PAINT
    E 2LG
    Thanks for any help

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